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India is crowded as a contempory space of Innovation fashion and Design. Established in May 2005 Batul's Design Studio welcomes you to the most Exclusive Designer Couture displayed till date. A pearl inside a shell :- Batul's Design Studio spear headed by Batul Koita is arguably the youngest fashion designer in ridas and jodis.
BDS strives hard to express it pattern and silhouettes, to bring out a new refinement to the art of dressing. Its trademark is experimenting with fabric and giving them the unusual designs and texture never seen before. BDS designs are very traditional yet intriguingly infuse with the madness of a new age. It involves the trends into a more affordable younger Designer Look.
The spirit of BDS outstands its design in the crowd giving them the passion to wear ridas and jodis. BDS has gained status of one stop destination with the patrons of the fashion.